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To say the first (almost) six months of 2024 have been an interesting time in the markets would be an immense understatement. Virtually everything that has transpired (zero rate cuts, 15%+ return in S&P 500, 10-year interest rate well above 4%, massive concentration in returns among large cap tech stocks, etc) was NOT the consensus […]

Think for Yourself

June 19, 2024

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This past week, Wednesday June 12th was a big news day for markets. It doesn’t happen often that a monthly inflation report (Consumer Price Index) and a Federal Reserve Rate announcement happen on the same day, but that is in fact what occurred this week. The result? Happy markets and happy investors. Let’s start with […]

Wild Wednesday

June 13, 2024

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Welcome to June! With the advent of a new month comes another round of economic data. A few key data points were released this week which are discussed below. Let’s start our June lap around the data track! Please note the main events for the month (May’s jobs data and Consumer Price Index) will be […]

New Month, New Data

June 6, 2024

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Hope you had a nice holiday weekend! If you’re like me, you may be shocked at how quickly this shortened week flew by! Market participants likely feel the same way as it was a relatively light week in terms of market-moving news and economic data releases. I thought we’d take advantage of that break and […]

Challenge of N+1

May 30, 2024

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To those of you that live in a four-season area, congratulations! We have once again made it thru winter and once again find ourselves (almost) immersed in the glorious days of summer. I fully appreciate that any free summer days are mostly spent taking road trips, working on yards & gardens, relaxing by the pool, […]

Summer To-Do’s

May 23, 2024

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My dad has taught me a lot about investing over the years, but one adage of his I always reminder myself of is “some days (or weeks) are better than others.” That has held particularly true in 2024 as market direction, investor sentiment, and my resulting emotional state (ha!) have seemingly changed by the week […]

Rising Markets and Falling Inflation

May 16, 2024

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This year’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting certainly had a different feel to it without the presence of Charlie Munger (who passed away in December 2023 at the age of 99). Despite Charlie’s absence, Warren (along with his deemed successor Greg Abel and Ajit Jain (head on insurance operations)) took the stage for several hours of […]

Wisdom from Warren

May 4, 2024

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Another week full of market moving news – Treasury Refunding Announcement, countless earnings releases, the end of April, and the Federal Reserve’s May rate decision (and by the time you read this, jobs data). The highlight of this busy week was Wednesday’s rate decision and the following commentary and press conference by Chairman Jerome Powell. […]

Holding the Line

May 2, 2024

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Most Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reports come and go without any mention. The Q1 2024 GDP estimate (released this week) was not one of those releases. The report had a major impact on markets. Some of you may be asking, “what is GDP again?” Let’s review. GDP is the way we measure the US economy […]

Q1 2024 GDP Report

April 25, 2024

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I was listening to a webcast from one of our mutual fund managers this week, and he touched on one of my favorite mantras – time in the market matters more than timing the market. After a few weeks of market volatility and considerable micro and macro news, I thought it was worth sharing this […]

Time in vs Timing

April 18, 2024


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