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I worked with two clients this week that had a set amount of cash to deploy to longer-term savings & investment accounts. Their question – what accounts should I allocate this to – and how much in each? It can be definitely be challenging to figure out your savings strategy and like most things in […]

Client Question: Allocating savings

March 10, 2023

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It’s hard to escape the constant chatter about rising interest rates lately, so it was only natural for a client to ask about the interplay between interest rates and asset prices. Interest rates are an essential driver of asset prices. You don’t have to take it from me – here’s a quote from famed investor […]

Client Question: Interest Rates & Asset Prices

October 6, 2022

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Let’s talk about budgeting! I started working with a young couple and we are working together to put a savings approach in place – determining how much of their net earnings each month can/should be allocated to the various savings/investment buckets (cash reserves, IRAs, employer plans, after-tax investments, education funds, etc). The place to start […]

Client Question: How do I set (and track) my budget?

June 24, 2022


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