Top of Mind (Q1 2021)

February 3, 2021

Each quarter, we will share three things that we are keeping Top of Mind. After a demanding 2020, this quarter’s list includes some levity – as well as a useful tool for investors


1.       Sourdough Schoolhouse – Guilty as charged – I too jumped on the sourdough bread train during the early days of quarantine.  It was oddly satisfying to learn a new skill and to have delicious bread to show for it.   I found this online course that is a wonderful resource.  I’m going to get back into baking soon so join me if you want to find some unexpected joy (and carbohydrates)


Ted Lasso.jpg

2.       Ted Lasso – I kept hearing about this tv show in the news during the final months of 2020 so I finally tuned in (AppleTV).  What a delight!  It’s a lighthearted series with so many lessons related to kindness, leadership, and teamwork.  Can’t recommend it enough!


earnings call.jpg

3.       Earnings Call App – of course there’s an investing related one!  I heard about this app during 2020 – a perfect time to dig deeper into the businesses we own and hear directly from management.  Each call is conveniently included as an audio file, so you can listen as you drive, walk, or clean your house! Consider giving it a try – app is free but there are in-app purchases

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