Client Question: Keeping up with DC

August 5, 2022

While it may seem like we just went thru a major election cycle, it is almost that time again. A client recently inquired about ways to keep track of what’s happening in our nation’s capital and the related impact on markets/portfolios.

I have just the sources! In the interest of keeping things simple, I’m sharing my top two:

  • Greg Valliere’s daily emails: If you have been reading my writings for a while now, you will recognize this name. I originally learned of Greg via Schwab, as he is a fixture at their conferences and webcasts. Greg is a Washington insider and has been for decades. He presents the facts in a non-partisan way and adds commentary about the impact on markets and portfolios. He is presently affiliated with a Canadian investment firm (AGF Investments) but there is no “selling” – it is simply easy to understand information about the top political issues and their market implications. It’s a daily must-read for me. You can subscribe here
  • Washington Wise podcast: This podcast, sponsored by Charles Schwab, is another great resource and one I can listen to on the go! Hosted by Schwab’s Michael Townsend, Managing Director, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., the podcast highlights top issues in DC with a focus on those that impact markets the most. The most recent episode touched on the top 5 issues of the day (inflation, crypto, equities/recession fears, China relations, and retirement legislation). Find it wherever you listen to podcasts!

The actions and outcomes in our nation’s capital have a real impact on markets. Hopefully these two sources help you stay more informed. Enjoy!

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