Client Question: Open Enrollment

October 27, 2022

A client recently reached out to set a time to review her benefits during Open Enrollment. This is a great practice and one I thought would be worth sharing in this week’s column

What is Open Enrollment?

Every year, employees are able to review and make changes to employee benefits during a process called Open Enrollment.

Can’t I just opt for “same as last year”

I wouldn’t recommend that! Take the time to review each category – considering if the options/offerings have changed and whether your life circumstances have changed

What items are included?

Open enrollment covers all employee benefits – so think items like health insurance, life insurance, disability, flex spending, health savings accounts, 401k plans, and many others. Essentially any and all benefits offered by your employer

How do I know what to do?

Start by reading thru all of the materials. Most companies offer presentations related to Open Enrollment and/or have websites that outline the benefit categories, your current elections, and the available options.

Most companies have individuals (in HR or that work for the benefit providers) that can answer your questions.

As a financial advisor, I also work with clients on these decisions. So if you are a Windermere client, call me! And if you aren’t, reach out to your trusted advisors for assistance as well.

What if I’m on Medicare?

Medicare also has an open enrollment period (October 15 – December 7, 2022) where you can make changes to Medicare Advantage and Drug plans.

Take the time to review and engage with Open Enrollment!

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