Berkshire Hathaway: Odds and Ends

May 9, 2018

A few parting thoughts and some funny outtakes from the meeting

  • Omaha is a great town.  At the suggestion of my friends (who had been before), we stayed right by the arena in Old Market.  Hotel rooms are at a premium but it was an excellent location and very convenient




  • Gorat’s, one of Warren’s favorite Omaha restaurants is mentioned in the annual letter to shareholders, as is his order (T-bone with hash browns).  I was lucky enough to eat here but not brave enough to tackle Warren’s standard order
  • Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge – an Omaha landmark, this beautiful bridge is famous for connecting Iowa and Nebraska.  Stand in the right spot on the bridge and you can be in two states at one time


  • Entrepreneurship in action – I heard stories of shareholders paying Omaha citizens to save their spot in line for them (~$200 going rate).  I have a feeling Warren would be proud of this entrepreneurial spirit!
  • Comic relief – While the day is filled with serious messaging and education, there is also a fair amount of humor 

“My theory is, if it can’t stand a little mismanagement, it’s no business” – Charlie (to which Warren replies “And we’re testing that at times”)

“It’s like a one-legged man in an a$$ kicking contest” – Charlie (to which Warren quickly replied, “if anyone has another metaphor, let me know!)

“The past is a very strange country” – Charlie

“We have a wonderful system.  If one of us is stupid in an area, so is the other” – Charlie, in reference of technology stocks

“’I’ve been to Google Headquarters.  It looked to me like a kindergarten” – Charlie “A very rich kindergarten” – Warren

“I don’t envy people who are constantly involved in hostile takeovers.  Imagine doing that after you are already rich.  It’s insane”       – Charlie

  • Next year’s meeting is Saturday May 4, 2019.  Hope to see you there!

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