I had forgotten

May 26, 2022

Early last week, I participated in an Advisory Board meeting for our primary custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (more on that meeting and key takeaways here). The meeting was held at the stunning Terranea Resort in Southern California.

Prior to this trip, other than a few COVID road trips, I hadn’t taken a true destination vacation in over 3 years. Turns out, there was a lot that I had forgotten…

I had forgotten how even the most mundane of details (traffic lights, storefronts, trees, buildings) come into vivid focus when you arrive in a new city for the first time

I had forgotten the kid-like wonder that surfaces as you review the resort map and activities list, with nothing but time and possibility stretching out before you upon arrival

I had forgotten what a vast and stunningly beautiful country America is

I had forgotten the overwhelming power and consistency of the ocean

I had forgotten how easy it is to talk yourself out of taking a vacation – and how essential it is that you don’t

I had forgotten how luxurious room service and a hotel bathrobe feel

I had forgotten the unexpected joy that comes from collecting smiles and stories from people you randomly meet throughout your days away from home

I had forgotten that we as humans are more alike than we are different

I had forgotten how exceptionally talented and kind individuals working in the service and hospitality industry are

I had forgotten how a change in routine and circumstance can restore and refresh your heart and soul within mere hours

I had forgotten how energizing it is to meet with colleagues in person, instead of on screens

I had forgotten how there is no replacement for in-person connection and discussion

I had forgotten how no matter where you travel, you are always greeted by the same rising and setting sun

I had forgotten how a few days away from home makes you appreciate it that much more upon your return

I had forgotten so much during the past few years. And now, just like that, just in time – I remember it all. What a gift.

I hope you too have a chance to remember very soon.

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